November 03, 2015


      Hi guys !
     Here I am again with another post about wedding dresses, in particular about LandyBridal, a wedding dresses online store.

Who are they ?

They are a leading wedding dress and occasion dress manufacturer and they have their own factory; they have been engaged in the wedding dress industry for more than 15 years (since 1999).They guarantee that all of our items are of high quality and they also provide excellent customer service to help you make your dream wedding come true.

Product line

They have many product lines in our factory, such as bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, mother of the bride dresses, wedding suits, special occasion dresses , wedding accessories, wedding favors, men’s formal wear, shoes, gifts, bags & boxes and so on.

2016 is almost  here.  You can not miss these amazing dresses.
Landybridal is a fantastic online store with several options. They offer you different kind of dresses and accessories. The worst part is choose one.

Visit them here :

"Landybridal, to design you better days"


  1. amazing!


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  2. So gorgeous wedding dresses! Love your picks :)
    Kisses :*

  3. I enjoyed this post a lot. Great job!


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  5. Ouuu great dress, you look amazing!

  6. Beautiful dresses. I love the first one with all the lace detail on top.

  7. Such amazing dresses
    I love the lace details

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  8. The dresses that you pickes are all so stunning! I like the last one <3

    Have a nice day!


  9. Beautiful dresses. Do you want to follow each other and keep in touch?

    kiss Adela Acanski

  10. These dresses are gorgeous! Especially the first one :) x

  11. Wow, these dresses are really adorable and hope you had a great party. I also had a great formal party with my colleagues at local convention center. We all enjoyed there as planning was done so perfectly.

  12. Honestly, a few of these I'm a little surprised would be considered wedding dresses. Though, each of them definitely has a very modern feel. I also can't really argue with the fact. Thanks for such a valuable blog that will surely guide in the Latest fashion of the Wedding Dress. For more dresses like this we have a company in Singapore. For more in formation feel free for visit Wedding Gown in Singapore

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